Master This Inflation & Recession Proof niche that can make you $500 - $2,000 Per Flip!
Find, Flip, & Ship - all from your smartphone! 
Master This Inflation & Recession Proof Niche That Can Make You $500 - $2,000 Per Flip!
These High Profit Appliances Make Us Thousands Of Dollars Each Month
These High Profit Appliances Make Us  Thousands Of Dollars Each Month
But what's even better is they do the same for our members!
Rubi made $1,900 in just TWO Sales
Adam turned $100 into $1,300 on this one flip 
and does it on a regular basis
And Stacy turned $100 into $1,700 on just ONE flip!
Since July 2018 she has made $100,000 from flipping used items on the side! 
What if you could flip just 4 items a month and make $4,000+? 
Our business model is high profit/low volume so we can spend more time with our family and helping others rock out their flipping business! 
And flipping these high profit appliances helps us do that!
Our goal is to 10x our investment on our items and we pretty much average that every year.
So how is this even possible?
It's possible because most people are limited to their local market with appliances, but if you offer shipping it's a game changer for your flipping business!
And you aren't like most people. You are ready to rock out your reselling business with high profit appliances right?!
Where else can you get 2,300% ROI?? 
'Flipping' is the art of finding things that nobody else sees value in and selling them for a profit.

Technology has made reselling easier and more accessible to anyone than ever before
It doesn't matter if you are a stay-at-home mom, a retiree, a millennial, or an employee who hates their 9-5 desk job.
Start making an extra income flipping high profit appliances!
Introducing Flipper University's
High Profit Appliance Flipping Course
In this course you are going to learn:
  • How to find high value appliances at a ridiculously low cost
  • How to sell them for 10x what you have invested into them (we don't like to invest a lot in one item)
  • How to ship them cheaper than anyone else can (including freight shipping methods)
  • How to test appliances so you can resell for top dollar 
  • How to find, list, sell and ship them, all from your smartphone without leaving your house!
  • And So Much More...
Hi! We're Rob & Melissa
We help people make extra income by flipping items - no matter what level of experience you are starting from.
Rob's passion for flipping started when he was a kid and went to yard sales every weekend with his family. (He has 6 older sisters so his parents were frequently hunting for bargains.)

He started selling some of the things he would find when he was 16 - and hasn't stopped since! It has now grown from a side gig to providing for our family of 5. And we wouldn't change a thing! 
Through our whole marriage we used flipping as our "fun money" (vacations, Christmas, and when unexpected bills came up - ok the last one isn't really fun, but sometimes necessary).

When we started treating our "hobby" of flipping like a real biz, we took it to $42K (5-15hrs/week) and then to $133K (20-30hrs) the following year! 
What could you do with an extra 
  • Pay off debt
  • Go on a family vacation to create memories
  • Increase your emergency fund
  • ​Save for retirement
Or maybe you'll be like Paul & Melissa, who have now paid off two loans & two credit cards with their flipping side gig! 
What's included in the 
High Profit Appliance Flipping Course?
You will learn how to find, flip, and ship high profit appliances so you can make a higher flipping income without sacrificing more time.

You will get ongoing access to the course videos and trainings as we add them to the members area. 

You will also get support from like-minded flippers in our members only Facebook community.
How would it feel to see a $3,400 Cha-Ching on ebay like Bailey did 
(on an item she only paid $100 for!)
And you can do it all from your smartphone! 

Yep! We have been working with students to help them take their hands-off their business and run it all from their computer/phone from home!

You will learn how to do it yourself and then be able to hire out the rest and never have to touch the appliances!
And don't forget the BONUSES!
Bonus #1
List of 200 Items Worth $500-$2,000 AND The List Of 100 Items Worth $2,000-$5,000
(Valued at $2,500)
Even if you found and sold ONE thing from the lower end of this list, it would still make you $2,500! Heck yes! 
Bonus #2
Flipper University Program
(Valued at $5,000)
Maybe shipping larger items intimidates you a little right now, but let us help you gain the confidence to get there by taking you step by step in your flipping journey! 

Get access to our whole Flipper University Program and coaching group!
Bonus #3
1 Month Of Sourcing Membership FREE
(Valued at $2,000)
We actually take your zipcode and source items for you in your area. 

 We send you the items and give you a suggestion on what you should offer the seller. Remember our goal is 10x the investment so if we send you an item for $50, it should bring you in $500! 

This is limited to the first 20 people who jump in.
Bonus #4
Walking You Through Your First Freight Shipment 
(Valued at $3,997)
Not only will we help you find some high profit items, we are going to walk you through your first freight shipment! 

Whaaat!  Yep! This does have limited spots available. So if you still see it on the page right now it's still available to you! 
Ready for a career in flipping items?
This course is packed with...
  • ​45+ lessons in 13 modules
  • ​PDF downloads for listing worksheets, bonus guides, & more
  • ​Excel spreadsheets for income/expense records
  • Video tutorials on what we do for for finding, listing, selling & shipping
Do I need a truck and trailer for this?
While it could help, it's definitely not a requirement. Especially in when starting. 

Lisa had no truck or trailer when she started and lived in an apartment! We helped her find this double oven that she got for FREE from OfferUp and sold it for $1,000!!

She ended up renting a uhaul truck for the day and after all her fees, shipping costs and truck rental, she still ended with a profit of $600!

But what if it doesn't work for me? 
Melissa and I both strongly believe that if you take the strategies taught in this course you, too, can make extra income in a
 short amount of time. And not only will you create an extra income source, but with consistency you can keep repeating it over and over month after month! And as you grow with your knowledge and experience, the sky's the limit! 

But, if you are still not sure if this course is right for you, then you are protected by this...

Our 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We just have one condition you have to abide by

Simply watch all the modules, follow all our walkthroughs, test all of our strategies… and if you show that you did all the work and it still didn’t work for you… then just let us know and we’ll happily refund every penny you paid for this course.
You’ll notice that this is NOT one of those super-generous no-risk guarantees where you can buy the product and then get a refund five minutes later after you complain that it didn’t work.

If you’re planning on buying this and then refunding it the very next day, then don’t even bother…it’s just not right for you.

I realize that ultimately we’re going to lose a lot of potential customers…but that’s OK.

We only want people who are motivated to enroll in this course, learn something new, and 
start flipping used items for a profit.

We only want people who are actually going to go through the course and do the work necessary to get results.

That’s why if you get this course and prove to us that you went through the entire thing and tested our strategies… and if for some reason it still didn’t work, then we’ll gladly refund you.

But if you’re going to throw this course on a credit card, and then ask for a refund 20 minutes later, then please do not even bother. It’s just not for you.
Learn a new niche that thrives during a recession! 
So if you are ready to start making $1,000 - $2,000 per FLIP
high profit appliances flipping is perfect for you. 

And NOW is the perfect time to jump in because this is the lowest price you will ever see!
Flipper University High Profit Appliance Course - $9,000 value
BONUS #1 - List Of High Profit Items Worth $500- $2,000 & $2K-$5K! - $2,500  value
BONUS #2 - Flipper University Full Program- $5,000 value
BONUS #3 - 1 Month FREE Of Sourcing Membership - $2,000 value
BONUS #4 - Freight Shipment Walk-Through!- $3,997 value
Total Value $22,497
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