30-Day Christmas Money Challenge
Ready To Make $250 Before Christmas? 
Jump into our FREE 30-Day Christmas Money Challenge to let us help you make an extra $250 in the month of November! 
What does the 30-day challenge consist of? 
*  Live weekly trainings on:
 - finding
 - listing &
- shipping items
* Accountability
* Income producing flipping activities
* & your flipping questions answered!

*This is 100% FREE training, no credit card required.

Who are we? 
We are Rob & Melissa Stephenson, the founders of Flea Market Flipper
We have been flipping items online for 23 years and 3 years ago took this side gig full-time. We provide for our family of 5 by selling used items online and want to help you do the same and make some extra money for Christmas. 

Christmas has always had a special place in our heart. Of course because it celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, but also because it brings us back to our childhood. (And really Rob is just a kid in a 'grown-up's' body).

And now that we have three young kids of our own, we love making Christmas morning special .

But we don't go in debt to do so. 

And neither should you! 

We want to help you make an extra $250 in the month of November so you have a little cushion to help you this Christmas season. 

And $250 is really just the beginning of what this flipping thing could do for you! 

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