Could you imagine?

What would you do with an extra $500, $1,000, or even $5,000 a month?

Or what about an extra $133,000 in a year!
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So, what's all this 'flipping' about?
'Flipping' is the art of finding things that nobody else sees value in and selling them for a profit.  

Technology has made reselling easier and more accessible to anyone than ever before.

Do you want to make a lot more money flipping items? 

Most flippers and resellers make only $5-$10 on an item.

That means they have to sell huge volumes to make any money.

High volume = more time involved     

But we have been able to make over $100,000 a year by flipping less and making more. 

We do this by selling fewer items with bigger profits.

It's never been simpler to get into flipping items for a profit.

In 2015, we made just over $42,000 for the year by only working roughly 5-15 hours per week.   

2016 blew us away! We made $133,000 for the year working roughly 20-30 hours per week.

If numbers like these would improve your life and family, then click below to enroll now
Who We Are
We are Rob and Melissa and we have made over $100,000/yr flipping items for profit.    

Flipping is our passion and our livelihood.       

In 2016 our third baby was born and a month later, my benefits from my job were taken away. Melissa had already planned to stop training her personal training clients to be home with the kiddos, so we were trying to decide what our next move was.    

We decided to jump in to our reselling business full-time and run with it. It was the first time we really treated it like a business instead of just a hobby. Since time with three young kids (then ages 3 and under) is obviously very busy, we knew we had to make the most of our flips.    

We planned to only flip items that make us minimum of $25 profit, and not mess with the smaller profit items. Our first year full-time, we made $133,000 in sales!    

Because of our reselling business, we are able to spend more time with our kids (they join us in trips to the flea market, thrift stores and yard sales), and to us that is priceless.
Even if you're not ready to go full-time (yet), you can start as a side-gig to make a good income.
  • Have some debt you want to pay off
  •  Have a savings account you want to beef up
  •  Need to lower stress from unexpected bills
  •  Want to control your own hours
Check out 10 of our flips from this past year!
Old radio: Bought for $15, Sold for $200
Audi screen: Bought for $2, sold for $200
Door handle: Bought for $8, sold for $200
Double stroller: Bought for $90, sold for $380
Magnetic Machine: Bought for $5, Sold for $700
Base jumping vest: Bought for $10, Sold for $200
Carousel Horse: Bought for $175, Sold for $1,299
Patio set: Bought for $50, Sold for $2,100
Autoclave: Bought for $100, Sold for $5,500!
Where else can you get a 2,302% ROI??
Introducing Flipper University
We teach you how to buy and resell on eBay and other online platforms without giving up your life.
Pro-Flipper Package 
Earning Potential: $500-$3,000 per month 
This course is for the beginner & intermediate reseller. 

(Includes our Beginer & Intermediate courses)

Whether you're just starting out or you're ready to up your selling game, this course is perfect for you.
  • ​Two fast-track methods to start flipping today with no risk
  •  How to set up your two core accounts so you can sell quickly and get paid as fast as possible
  •  4 critical factors to create the eBay listings 
  •  The RSS — the only shipping process you're ever going to need
  •  How to increase your profits by always getting the best price shipping (up to 44% off your costs!)  
  •  How to find items that will sell for high profit online.
  •  Where to find the best items to flip 
  •  How to source & sell on social marketplaces
  •  How to create win-win negotiations to get the best price
  •  How to prep & post items to sell
  •  How to quickly set up the right accounts fo your selling goals
  •  Must-do factors to get your listings seen 
  •  How to easily take care of your customers
  •  How to minimize your risk for refunds and returns so you don't get stuck holding the bag
  •  How to become a Top Rated seller so you can rise above the competition 
  •  How to fix negative feedback to protect your seller status
  •  Our simple system for keeping good records so you stay compliant
Pro-Flipper Package $497
Pro-Flipper PLUS Package 
Earning Potential: $3,000- $7,000+ per month
With this additional course, you can 2-5x your reselling profits by shipping freight.  

(Includes our Beginner, Intermediate and Freight courses)

Anyone who has a truck or a trailer can benefit from this course. 
Everything in the Pro-Flipper Package PLUS:
  • ​Freight or box — the simple way to know which to ship
  • ​How to be a packing pro — and even get paid for it!
  • ​How to box or pallet any item 
  • ​To crate or not to crate — that is the question
  • ​How to get the lowest cost on freight shipping
  • ​Our secret freight source that will save you hundreds on freight shipping

Pro-Flipper PLUS Package $597
Check Out What People Are Saying!
Check out how Brandon & Kris Made $2,000+ on their first flip!
TJ made $800 on his first flip after Flipper U and then found a $2,000 Slurpee machine after a coaching call!
Frequently Asked Questions

“Reselling sounds cool, but don't the eBay fees eat up all your profit?” 


We make 80% of our profits on eBay. The reach allows us to ask more for our items than we can locally. So the fees are still worth it. 

“I'm afraid to lose money on shipping. How much do you lose on shipping each year?”


Shipping is number one topic we get asked about on a daily basis. We will teach you how to NOT lose money on shipping your items. (and even make a little to cover handling costs).

"I think flipping sounds like a fun venture, but what if I can't find anything worth any money to resell.”

That's a lame excuse. There are things of value EVERYWHERE!  

In the course we also cover many places that items of value can be found, and also what items we keep an eye out for and and purchase.
So what are you waiting for? 
So what are you waiting for? 
Is Flipper U The Right Fit For YOU?

– Your goal is to make at least $25 in profit per item MINIMUM to start. 
– You’re motivated and can’t wait to find hidden treasure!   

– You’re committed to building your business in a few weeks and are ready to take massive action.  


– You want someone to do all the work for you. 
– You’re not sure if you want to be a flipper and are quick to give-up.   
– You’re a skeptic when it comes to doing business online.   

– You’ve never invested in yourself and don’t see the value.   

– You’re fine with the thought of being in the same spot financially in 5 years.
So what are you waiting for!?

Module 1 - Getting Started  
Getting started in your reselling business
Unit 1 - Welcome! 
Unit 2 - The Pros and Cons of Reselling 
Unit 3 - Clearing Out The Clutter 
Module 2 - Finding FREE Items to Resell  
Ways to find free items to resell: where to look and what to look for
Unit 1 - Ways to Find Items For FREE 
Unit 2 - What Items to Look For 

Module 3 - Setting up Your eBay and PayPal Accounts  
How to set up your eBay and Paypal accounts to get ready to sell!
Unit 1 - How to Set Up Your eBay Account [video] 
Unit 2 - How to Set Up a PayPal Account 
Unit 3 - Getting Feedback to Start Selling 

Module 4 - How to List an Item on eBay  
The ins and outs of pricing and listing an item item for eBay
Unit 1 - Pricing an Item 
Unit 2 - Writing a Good Description 
Unit 3 - Auction vs. Fixed Price Format 
Unit 4 - UPS, Fed EX, or USPS? Which to use? 
Unit 5 - Calculated vs Flat Rate Shipping 
Module 5 - Shipping Basics  
The basics of shipping small to medium sized items.
Unit 1 - How To Package Small Items 
Unit 2 - How to Cut Down a Box For Shipping 
Unit 3 - How to Print a Shipping Label Through eBay 
Unit 4 - What's Next? 


Module 1 - Welcome  
Welcome to Flea Market Flipper University Intermediate Course
Unit 1 - Welcome! 
Unit 2 - Does Buying and Reselling Take Advantage of People? 
Module 2 - Sourcing Items  
What items to look for and where to find those items.
Unit 1 - Where to Find The Best Items to Flip 
Unit 2 - Finding Items of Value 
Unit 3 - How to Use OfferUp to Find Great Items to Resell 
Unit 4 - How to Use Facebook to Find Items to Resell 
Unit 5 - Negotiating the Sale 
Module 3 - Getting Your Items Ready to Sell  
How to get your items ready to sell for the highest profit.
Unit 1 - Cleaning Up and Fixing an Item 
Unit 2 - Taking Great Pictures! 
Module 4 - Selling on eBay  
We will piggy back off the beginner course and dive deeper into selling on eBay
Unit 1 - How to List an Item on eBay - Basic Overview 
Unit 2 - Personal vs. Business Account 
Unit 3 - Regular Account vs eBay Store 
Unit 4 - Improving eBay SEO 
Unit 5 - Good Communication with Customers 
Unit 6 - Refunds and Returns 
Unit 7 - How to Become a Top Rated Seller 
Unit 8 - How to Get Rid of Negative Feedback 

Module 5- Selling On Other Platforms  
How to use the different platforms - Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, offerUp and eBay to sell your items
Unit 1 - How to Use Craigslist to Sell Your Item 
Unit 2 - Using OfferUp to Sell Your Item 
Unit 3 - How to Sell in Facebook Groups and Facebook Marketplace 
Unit 4 - Meeting With Buyers and Safety 

Module 6 - Packaging and Shipping  
How to package and ship items you sell.
Unit 1 - Packaging Materials 
Unit 2 - How to Package Medium & Large Items For FedEx and UPS 
Unit 3 - How to Save Money on Your Shipping Labels 
Unit 4 - Shipping Insurance 
Unit 5 - How to make a shipping insurance claim: 
Module 7 - Keeping Good Records  
Here comes the not-so-fun stuff. A least for me. But it's essential for running a successful business. In this module we will discuss accounting, bookkeeping, & taxes.
Unit 1 - Setting Up Your Business 
Unit 2 - Taxes 
Unit 3 - Keeping Good Records 

Module 8 - Resources  
This module is where you will find the quick links to all the resources mentioned in the course.
Unit 1 - Resources | Quick Links 
Unit 2 - What's Next? 

Freight Shipping

Module 1 - Getting Started  
Welcome to the Advanced Flipper University Course!
Unit 1 - Welcome 
Unit 2 - How to List an Item with Freight Shipping on eBay 
Module 2 - Boxing, Palleting, and Crating Large Items  
In this module we will take you through several examples step-by-step of boxing, palleting and crating large items.
Unit 1 - How to Determine if You Need to Ship UPS/FedEx or Freight 
Unit 2 - Boxing Large Items 
Unit 3 - Palleting items to ship 
Unit 4 - How to Crate Items for Freight Shipping 

Module 3 - Getting Quotes and Shipping Out Your Items  
In this module we will talk about getting quotes and the process of dropping off or scheduling pick ups for your items.
Unit 1 - Getting Freight Quotes 
Unit 2 - Freight Pick Up VS Terminal Drop Off 
Unit 3 - What's Next?
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