Calling all yard sale goers, thrift store shoppers, and fans of FB marketplace… 
Have you thought about making extra money from your love for thrifting? 
Have you thought about making extra money from your love for thrifting? 

That's called flipping and it’s what we do for a living!

We find great items and then flip them for a profit using eBay and other online tools. 

You can, too. Grab our affordable FLIPPER SECRETS -- it’s the ultimate quick-start bundle of sourcing, buying, and selling your finds. 

We were in a tough spot… 

This is our family. And a few years ago, when baby #3 was about to come along, we were in a tough spot. 

Melissa had just decided to be a stay-at-home mom and left her career in personal training.

All our insurance came from my job -- and really it was the only reason I was at that job. 

And then… just a few months before baby #3 came, my boss called me into his office and told me… 

“We’re cutting your insurance.” 

Melissa and I had a decision to make. 

I could try to find another job for the insurance or…

We could go all in on flipping, something we had done as a side hustle for years. 

That’s what we did and we’ve never looked back.

You can do more as a flipper.

More Financial Security

You can use it as a side hustle for more security so you’re not relying on some big corporation to not make cuts. 

Make More Memories

You can use it as a way to save for a vacation so that by the time travel restrictions are lifted, you can pick up and go with your extra money from flipping. 

Set Your Kids Up for Success 

You can use it pay for your kid’s college tuition… 

Prepare for the Future

Or as a nest egg for your retirement. 
And you can get started this week with… 


Sourcing Secrets: Figure out where to find the best deals faster

You have narrowed down your side hustle and realize you’re going to give this a go. But where do you go? How do you start? Sourcing Secrets pulls back the curtain so you can see our four favorite kinds of places to buy stuff. It’s where we go on a daily basis and where we find the best deals.


Buyer's Guide: Know what to snag for the best profit

Once you’re in one of our four favorite kinds of spots to get deals, what should you look for? This Buyer’s Guide is a massive list of 50 items we and our community sell on a normal basis that has the best profit. Take it with you in your lazy boy chair while sourcing on apps OR print it and take it with you to look for those items when you’re out sourcing. 


Inventory, Income, and Expense Spreadsheet: Templates and spreadsheets to take out the guess work without becoming a certified accountant

You don’t have to be a bookkeeping ninja to make this work. We don’t use complicated apps -- in fact, we go old school with simple spreadsheets to keep track of our inventory, income, and expenses. Use our templates and take out the guess work. Keep track of items, the day you purchased it and what you sold it for so you have an idea of what your biggest sellers are at a glance. 


Shipping Secrets: Our shipping and packaging secrets that score us more because we’re paying less for shipping

Learn the shipping and packaging secrets we use. These three tutorials are going to give you the instruction and insight to ship anything you normally would through USPS. 

*Note: this does not include freight shipping. 

We’re going to demonstrate how you can quickly and easily package and ship those small, medium, and large USPS-shipped items. 


Quick Start Guide to eBay: Sell faster and more on eBay without the headache 

This 27-page eBook is going to help you get your start on eBay. What auction should you use? What even is an auction?? We talk about it all right here. Leave the headache behind and start bringing in the cash. 


Item Listing Worksheet: Save time and energy by batching your listings 

Print this worksheet off and batch your listings to save time. Everything you need to list will all be in one place on this worksheet, saving you time, energy, and frustration. 

$297 value for JUST $37! 

This is the first time we've ever offered this bundle and the price will go up soon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this course different than Flipper University?

This is not a step by step course like Flipper University, but rather a bundle of resources to help with the common flipping hurdles of finding items of value and how to ship them.

Flipper University is all inclusive step by step, from beginner flipper all the way to freight shipping. And we have our members group for our Flipper University students to answer questions and get feedback and accountability to help grow their business.

We realize not everyone is ready to go all in to Flipper U so we wanted to provide a resource that anyone can use to get started.

How much time is required?

The materials can be consumed in a day for someone who is eager and ready to go.

If someone had 30 minutes a day to put toward their flipping side hustle they could make an extra income.

How much can I earn?

If you consistently put in 30 minutes/day, it’s not crazy to expect to make $100-$300 in a week. (Or could say around $250 if that flows better).

You do have to apply the principles and skills we teach to make it happen, but my favorite part is ANYONE can do this. You don’t need a fancy college degree or prior experience to do this.

If a dyslexic kid who barely graduated high school can do this, I know you can too!

I don't use Facebook Marketplace will this work for me?

There are a lot of other resources for finding and reselling items. You don’t need Facebook to make it happen. But it is one of my favorite places to find items.

What equipment do I need to make this work?

This whole business can be run from your smartphone. Not much else is required except for a printer to print labels (but even that can be done at a pack and ship place if needed).

How fast can I expect to see results?

Of course results vary with time and effort put in, but with these tools you can start making money the first week.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Start Flipping… 

Even with the pandemic, there’s never been a better time to make money flipping. More people are buying online (and used!) than ever before. 

Flipping was there for us when we needed it. Get started today -- you never know when you might have the need (or desire!) to use your flipping skills for more money! 

$297 value for JUST $37! 

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