How To Double Or Triple Your Furniture Flipping Profits
By Mastering Large Item Shipping (And WITHOUT The Need Of A Forklift Or Other Heavy Equipment)
Do you LOVE repurposing furniture, but wish you could make more money for the time you spend on a project?

Do you want more people to see and appreciate the effort you put into your furniture flips?

Then this 6-week workshop might just be for you! 
In this live workshop we will cover:
  • ​How to get your furniture pieces seen by more eyes. 
  • ​How to package and pallet large items (it's not as scary as you think!)
  • ​When to use FedEx, UPS or Freight Shipping.
  • ​Which freight companies are the least expensive to work with.
  • ​Secrets to never lose money shipping items and actually make money on shipping.
Meet Your Instructors
Who are we to be giving furniture shipping advice?
Rob Stephenson
Co-Founder of Flea Market Flipper
I am a veteran flipper who has been buying and selling used items (mostly on eBay) for 22+ years now. Two years ago I took a leap of faith and decided to go full-time, right before our third baby was born. 

I quickly realized what I was doing was not enough to provide for our growing family. I needed to increase my profits to allow my wife to stay home with our kids.
After brainstorming and researching how I could increase my profits, I noticed that the large items listed on eBay (like furniture) were almost always listed for local pickup and if something was listed with freight shipping it usually sold quicker

So I pulled the trigger and listed a dining set for freight shipping. I decided I would figure out the process of shipping something that large if it sold. 

Well, it sold within a month for $2,200! (I paid $350 for it!) 

I also had it cross posted on Craigslist and offer up for $750 with no bites during that month – that was a big AHA moment for me!

Freight shipping allowed us to increase our flipping sales from $42,000 in a year to $133,000 the next year!

Melissa Stephenson
Co-Founder of Flea Market Flipper
I married into the flipping profession 11 years ago, and to be honest I didn't understand it at first. When I was dating Rob I had no clue what he did for an income. (And I'm pretty sure my parents were a little concerned as well. haha.)

But it has done well for us through the years as a couple. I worked as a personal trainer and he did flipping part-time and home inspections part-time. We had a good income coming in and things were great.

Then kiddos came into the picture and life changed. Everything for the better! 

Except our finances. 

They started taking a big hit and we were barely scraping by. I cut back on training already and after baby number three I had stopped completely. Getting a full-time job and putting them in daycare wasn't really an option for us, which meant Rob had to step up his game somehow.

The financial stress was starting to take a toll on my health (combined with lack of sleep from little kids and a baby), and we needed to figure out a better solution for higher flipping profits.

When he decided to start shipping freight it changed our financial situation. We now make much higher profits on large items and we are hoping that with this workshop can help you too! 
Need Some Proof? 
Remember the dining set we mentioned that started it all?

Paid $350 for the set and sold it for $2,200!
Bought these end tables for $40 at a yard sale and sold them for $395 + $200 shipping!
We bought this teak set for $100 on OfferUP and sold it for $2,500 on eBay!
We bought these end tables at a yard sale for $20, redid them, and sold them on eBay for $300 plus $200 shipping
We bought this crib from a thrift store for $40, used it for two years and then sold it for $400 plus $100 shipping.
But don't take our word for it. Here are some students we have helped:

Lyndi made her first freight shipment a few months ago.

FedEx Quoted her $900 to ship it across the country!!!

She almost cancelled the transaction, but we walked her through the process and she was able to ship the chair for only $200 and save some of her profits! 
Check out her video interview with us below:
Here's Pam's experience in our last workshop:
"I learned so much in the Increasing Your Furniture Flipping Profits Beta Master Class! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us about shipping large items. I think this will definitely make a difference in our business. 

I looked forward to each class and appreciated the demonstrations that actually showed us how you pallet, crate and box your large items and how to go about listing, contacting shipping companies, etc and your willingness to be there to help us in the future. 

The unexpected phone call in response to my email question about shipping before you even started the class probably had something to do with me signing up for the class! It showed that you were willing to go the extra mile to help.” – Pam Y.
While not exactly furniture, here's Stacy's first freight shipment -  a $125 investment turned into $3,187! 
Check out what Cyndi had to say after our last 6-week workshop:

There is so much to learn about buying and selling to assure a successful experience. The relaxed atmosphere of the classes was comfortable and enjoyable.”

“You were both so interactive with us and allowed us to guide the areas we needed help with. If I had only watched the first two videos I would have felt I made a good investment!”

“I would recommend these classes for anyone interested in learning more about the art buying, selling, and shipping” – Cyndi M.

6 week workshop $397 ONLY $247
So are you ready to make 2019 the best year yet?!

Are you ready to increase your furniture flipping profits by learning one new skill?

Are you ready to set yourself apart from other furniture flippers?

If you answered YES! Then there is just one thing left to do:
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NOTE: This is NOT a workshop on how to redo/paint furniture. It is a workshop to help you reach more customers by helping you ship your beautiful pieces across the country
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