Learn How To Package & Ship Any Item That Will Fit In A Box
And we've shipped some pretty darn large boxes!
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Shipping 101 Bootcamp

Join the 5-day bootcamp that will give you the confidence to package and ship items like a pro so it doesn't keep you from making more money in your flipping biz.

Check out his video interview with us below:
Sourcing Workshop Starts In: 
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
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Do you LOVE looking for treasures at flea markets, thrift stores, yard sales and online apps?

Do you want to MAKE MONEY on those under valued treasures but the thought of packaging and shipping them is overwhelming?

Do the logistics of shipping through eBay intimidate you?
Then this 5-Day Bootcamp might just be for you! 

In this Bootcamp we will cover:
  • What shipping carriers you should use for your items.
  • ​How to avoid losing money on shipping.
  • ​How to package your item so you are covered if it's damaged.
  • ​What to do if your item is damaged in shipping (so you don't lose money!).
  • ​How to package items that fit in a mailer to those that fit in a large box.
Meet Your Instructors
Who are we to be giving shipping advice?
Rob Stephenson
Co-Founder of Flea Market Flipper
I am a veteran flipper who has been buying and selling used items (mostly on eBay) for 24+ years now. Five years ago I took a leap of faith and decided to go full-time, right before our third baby was born. 

I've shipped every size item you can imagine. I've sold cooktops, exercise equipment, and night stands on ebay and packaged them all in boxes.

Melissa Stephenson
Co-Founder of Flea Market Flipper
I married into the flipping profession 14 years ago, and to be honest I didn't understand it at first. 

I didn't realize how much money could be made from things people no longer want or value. 

By offering shipping on your items you open up a whole new opportunity of income. 

Need Some Proof? 
Like we mentioned earlier, we have shipped every size item you can think of!

Check out some of these flips that we shipped out:
Picked up this cooktop for $40 from the flea market and sold it for $720 on eBay! 

Picked this Dance Dance game control from Facebook Marketplace for $50 & sold on eBay for $500

Picked this floor scrubber from an auction for $25 & sold on eBay for $600

Bought these end tables for $40 at a yard sale and sold them on eBay for $395 + $200 shipping!

Picked up this Pole Saw from OfferUp for $50 and sold it on eBay for $700!

But not everything we sell and ship is huge, we do some of the small items too:
Found this game at the thrift store with my son and helped him sell it on eBay and ship it out.
Picked it for $3 and sold it for $20 + shipping. 
Melissa picked up this Wolfgang Puck steamer for $15 and sold it on eBay for $155
And the girls picked up this idog for $3 at the flea market and sold it for $20 + shipping!
We've shipped A LOT of items over the years. One of our biggest was a recent sale of this bus wash! 
We won't be covering freight shipping in this bootcamp, but after this bootcamp you will have the confidence to package and ship anything that fits in any size box!
But don't take our word for it. Here are some students we have helped:
Once Tim had the confidence to ship something a little heavier, he was able to turn a $15 investment into $147 on eBay! 
And Natalie shipped out this set of cookware which put her at the $800 mark for the week!
And Angela is now averaging $1,000/mo with her flipping side hustle because she's willing to ship her items.
Check out what Cyndi had to say after our last workshop:

There is so much to learn about buying and selling to assure a successful experience. The relaxed atmosphere of the classes was comfortable and enjoyable.”

“You were both so interactive with us and allowed us to guide the areas we needed help with. If I had only watched the first two videos I would have felt I made a good investment!”

“I would recommend these classes for anyone interested in learning more about the art buying, selling, and shipping” – Cyndi M.
And here are a few others who have taken a workshop or bootcamp with us before: 
  • ​Once you enroll you will get access to the 5 training videos + PDF downloads that go along with each day.
  • ​You have access to your membership area for life!
  • ​You can go back and watch the tutorials anytime you want.
  • ​The demonstrations and trainings were previously recorded in front of a live audience, so you get the benefits from the questions they asked.
Oh wait… did you think we were done? Not even close! Let’s talk about the 6 FREE bonuses you get!

BONUS 1 - Packaging Guidelines PDF ($27 Value)

In order to be covered by shipping insurance, you must package your item according to each carriers guidelines. We put all the major carriers guidelines together in one spot so you can download it and have it as a quick reference.

BONUS 2 - How To Submit A Shipping Claim Properly Step-by-Step Video ($47 Value)

Items get damaged in shipping. It's inevitable at some point in your flipping bsuienss. But you DON'T need to lose money on shipping damages! 

In this video we take you through the step-by-step process of how to submit a shipping claim properly so you get your money back!

BONUS 3 - Budget Friendly Shipping Materials List ($37 Value)

This list covers all the materials you need for shipping out your items. But more importantly it shows you some of the most cost effective ways to get those materials (some even for FREE!)

BONUS 4 - How To Get The Best Price For Your Shipping Label - Video Tutorial ($97 Value)

No one wants to lose money on shipping. This video will help walk you through how to get the best price for your shipping label for your item.

BONUS 5 - Shipping A-Z Checklist ($37 Value)

Checklist to make sure you dot your i's and cross your t's for the whole shipping process. 

Everything from listing at the right price to dropping your item off at the carrier.

5-Day Shipping 101 Bootcamp $147
For Just $37 

Are you ready to gain confidence in shipping your items? 

Are you ready to increase flipping profits by learning one new skill?

Are you ready to not let fear of shipping stop you from a successful flipping business anymore?

If you answered YES! Then there is just one thing left to do:
Grab Your SPOT Now!

We will NOT be covering freight shipping in this workshop - but will be covering everything else shipping related.
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