The Quick And Simple Way To Create A Side Income From Flipping Items For Profit
 (And You Can Start With Less Than $10!)
Are you trying to get into flipping but don't know where to start? 

Are you current reseller looking to expand your inventory list?

Do you want to increase your profits without much of an investment up front? 

Do you see shoes while thrifting and are overwhelmed with the amount available?

Then this workshop might just be for you! 
In this workshop we will cover:
  • ​Where to find awesome deals on shoes. 
  • ​Which brands to look for.
  • ​How to clean up all types of shoes so you can make the most money from them.
  • ​How to take GREAT pictures that will increase your sales.
  • ​How to properly ship shoes so they don't get damaged and the buyer is happy to leave you positive feedback.
Meet Your Instructors
Who are we to be giving shoe flipping advice?
Rob Stephenson
Co-Founder of Flea Market Flipper
I am a veteran flipper who has been buying and selling used items (mostly on eBay) for 22+ years now. Two years ago I took a leap of faith and decided to go full-time, right before our third baby was born. 

We have now been full-time for 3 years and we wouldn't change a thing. 

One thing that is a non-negotiable for us in our reselling business is our profit margin. We have to make at least $40 on an item to make it worth it to us. 

10x profit on an item is our everyday goal.

To be honest, we haven't sold a ton of shoes in the past. 

And then we met Beau Hunter.

Beau showed us that shoes can easily meet our 10x requirement for profits - and they don't take a ton of effort to find and sell. 

He is seriously THE SHOE RESELLER PRO!

Beau Hunter
The Shoe Flipping Expert
I used to flip musical instruments on eBay occasionally. I stopped for years, then restarted almost 3 years ago after I stopped by a garage sale and found a few dollars worth of stuff that sold for about $50. 

After that, I was pretty pumped to get out there and find more stuff to flip. Then, school started back up (I’m a band director), and I lost most of my evenings and weekends to my day job. 

Shoes are everywhere, so I realized that I could pick up shoes from thrift stores and keep making money on the side while work was busy. It’s a weird twist for a musician to sell shoes, but I love it!
Need Some Proof? 
Check out some of Beau's recent shoe sales! All of which he found for $5 - $20!

$10 Goodwill purchase turned into $295!
And drumroll please...... A pair of shoes bought for $2 sold for $650!! WHAT?! 
Even the smaller profits are still 5-10x the investment! 

Would you like to turn your $5 bill into $50? 

Wondering if Beau knows what he's doing? 

Not many people take the time to write a 4 sentence feedback! 

But this seller did.

She was happy with the product and especially the packaging!  

He totally knows his stuff!
Not only does Beau have experience, but he's already helping other members in our Flipper University course get started with shoes! 
We held a 30-day shoe flipping challenge in our members group and it got everyone motivated to start looking for and selling shoes! 

Check out Stacy's $6 thrift store find that she flipped for $130!
And Kelly bought a pair of shoes for $8 and sold them for $62!
Lauren sold these in less than a day for a $72 profit! 
So are you next? Can you see yourself turning $5 into $50-$200? 

If so then check out the details below: 
Workshop Specifics
  • ​The workshop includes 4 training sessions that were recorded live.
  • ​We cover brands to look for, how to clean and take great pictures, how to list to get he sale and how to package and ship them! 
  • You get PDF downloads with every week to help you find, clean, and SELL your shoes!
4 week workshop $147 Only $97!
Are you ready to increase your flipping profits by learning one new skill?

Are you ready to set yourself a part from other flippers?

If you answered YES! Then there is just one thing left to do:
Grab Your SPOT Now!

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Earnings Disclaimer
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