Learn How To Find Those Items That Will 10X Your Reselling Profits
(and cut your sourcing time in half!)

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Do you LOVE looking for treasures at flea markets, thrift stores, yard sales and online apps?

Do you want to MAKE MONEY on those under valued treasures?

Then this 4-Week Workshop might just be for you! 

We kick things off MARCH 24th!

In this workshop we will cover:
  • ​How to source undervalued items on OfferUp, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace.
  • What to look for when visiting flea markets, thrift stores & yard sales.
  • ​The top items we search for when sourcing.
  • ​Secrets to make the most money on the items that you find. 
Meet Your Instructors
Who are we to be giving sourcing advice?
Rob Stephenson
Co-Founder of Flea Market Flipper
I am a veteran flipper who has been buying and selling used items (mostly on eBay) for 24+ years now. Five years ago I took a leap of faith and decided to go full-time, right before our third baby was born. 

Finding items is definitely where the money is made.

It's also my favorite part of this whole reselling gig! 

Melissa Stephenson
Co-Founder of Flea Market Flipper
I married into the flipping profession 13 years ago, and to be honest I didn't understand it at first. 

I didn't realize how much money could be made from things people no longer want or value. 

Now we make our living by finding these unwanted items and giving them a new home.

Need Some Proof? 
Like we mentioned earlier, the money is made in the purchase of an item. If you spend too much then obviously that can kill your profit. 

Check out some of these flips that we found for a great price.
Picked up this towel warmer for $30 from a thrift store and sold it for $500 on eBay!
Picked this exercise bike up from OfferUp for $15 & sold it for $500 on eBay!
Bought these end tables for $40 at a yard sale and sold them on eBay for $395 + $200 shipping!
Picked up this Saxophone from the flea market for $40 and sold it for $180!
We bought this teak set for $100 on OfferUp and sold it for $2,500 on eBay!
This stroller had a fun story. We picked up the toddler seat and base for $20 from OfferUp and the bassinet separate at the flea market for $7. We decided to sell the toddler seat separate since it had a tear in it. Totaled $371 from a $27 purchase!  
And don't forget about the free items!
Like this bed frame we picked up and sold for $150.
Or this bike that was given to us and we sold for $350
And this Air Force brass casing that sold for $120!
And we cant forget the chair we found in the trash that sold for $50
But don't take our word for it. Here are some students we have helped:
I helped Brandon & Kris find this basketball rebound thrower and they picked it up for $75. 

They put $135 in it and SOLD it for $2,800! 
Check out their video interview with us below:
And check out one of Todd's first flips! We helped him find this slurpee machine for $100 and he sold it for $2,000 on eBay!
Check out his video interview with us below:
Check out what Cyndi had to say after our last workshop:

There is so much to learn about buying and selling to assure a successful experience. The relaxed atmosphere of the classes was comfortable and enjoyable.”

“You were both so interactive with us and allowed us to guide the areas we needed help with. If I had only watched the first two videos I would have felt I made a good investment!”

“I would recommend these classes for anyone interested in learning more about the art buying, selling, and shipping” – Cyndi M.
And here are a few others who have taken a workshop with us before: 
And don't forget the BONUSES!

Bonus 1 - Search Words PDF ($497 value!)

In this PDF we give you a list of words that we search for when looking for items. This makes sourcing from your La-Z-Boy even that much easier! 
This list will drastically cut down your time sourcing local apps. (We are all about working smarter, not harder!)

Bonus 2 - Sourcing Secrets ($197 value!)

In this e-book we share our personal favorite places to find high profit items to source.

There are tons of ways to find awesome items, but we are looking for the higher profit ones. Your time is so valuable and we want to help you work smarter.

Bonus 3 - Flipper Success Daily Checklist ($97 value!)

This business is simple to do and doesn't even require loads of hours to make a decent income. But it does require commitment to yourself and consistency. 

Our Flipper Success Daily Checklist is a simple PDF that you can print off and helps you stay accountable to yourself so you can make this business work for you! 

4-Week Sourcing Workshop $997 Just $47 

Are you ready to learn how to find the best deals?! 

Are you ready to increase flipping profits by learning one new skill?

Are you ready to set yourself apart from other flippers?

If you answered YES! Then there is just one thing left to do:
Sourcing Workshop Starts In: 
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