It's FINALLY HERE! Let us find high profit items for you!
(and do it over and over each month!)
Yep! That's right. We are opening our FIRST EVER monthly sourcing membership!

So if you:
  • ​Feel stuck on finding high value items
  • ​Want to save time on finding items each month
  • ​Want item listings worth $500 - $2,000 sent to you each month!
Then our Sourcing Membership is for you! 
It's no secret finding high profit items is one of my favorite things to do!
And now I want to do it for you too! 
The money is made in the purchase of an item. If you spend too much then obviously that can kill your profit. 

So our goal is to come close to 10x your profits with your items.
Local apps can be an amazing resource because people are only reaching a small segment of potential buyers (40,000-80,000), whereas if once you put it on eBay you can reach 172 MILLION potential buyers.
Check out some of these items we've flipped recently:
Picked up this cooktop on OfferUp for $100 and sold it on eBay for $1,800
We bought this teak set for $100 on OfferUp and sold it for $2,500 on eBay!
Picked this exercise bike up from OfferUp for $15 & sold it for $500 on eBay!
Picked this stove up from OfferUp for $200 & sold it for $2,800 on eBay!
Picked up 5 of these Dance Dance game boards on Facebook Marketplace for $50 each and have sold them for $500 each!
Check out these profits some of our members have made with items we've found for them:
I helped Brandon & Kris find this basketball rebound thrower and they picked it up for $75. 

They put $135 in it and SOLD it for $2,800! 
Check out their video interview with us below:
And check out one of Todd's first flips! We helped him find this slurpee machine for $100 and he sold it for $2,000 on eBay!
Check out his video interview with us below:
So how does the sourcing membership work?
Once you enroll we will send you potential flips in your area that we source on your local apps.

We will send you 4 items worth $500-$2,000 each month.
What kind of items will you be sending me?
Typically items found on local apps are larger items. 

Most people selling on local apps don't sell on eBay or aren't willing to ship! But that's where you get to make your profit.
Do I have to be enrolled in the freight shipping course to be eligible for the sourcing membership?
No. You don't have to be a freight course (Pro PLUS) member. But it will really help walk you through the steps of shipping larger items.
Once I Enroll Can I Cancel Anytime?
Yep! You can contact our support and cancel anytime. 

Maybe you just want to get items sent to you for a month or 3 months. No problem. Just let us know and we will get it taken care of.
What is the cost for the Sourcing Membership?
Right now it's $197/mo, but that will go up soon. 

If you jump in at this price you will be grandfathered in and not have to pay the higher price when it goes up. 
So if you are ready to start making $1,000 - $2,000 per FLIP
high profit appliances flipping is perfect for you. 

And NOW is the perfect time to jump in because this is the lowest price you will ever see!
Sourcing Membership 
Finding high profit appliances to flip - $1,297 value
Selling high profit appliances on ebay - $1,999 value
Large item shipping - $2,500 value
Flipper University Freight course - $1,975 value
Facebook support group - $1950 value
Total Value $9,721
Regular Price: $997
Limited BETA price: ONLY $197
Grab Your SPOT Now!
Only $197/mo!
(only 10 more spots available!)

Sourcing Workshop Enrollment
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