How To Create A Profitable (& Recession Proof) Flipping Gig in 2024!
 Start TODAY! (& Without Spending Thousands On Inventory)
Over 1,200 Students. 8 Years Of Results.
It's Achievable. It's Doable. It Works.
In Just 60 Minutes You Will Discover
How ANYONE Can Find High Profit Items In Their Area
No matter if you are in a big city or rural area, there are benefits to both! You can find items from anywhere across the country!
Why This Is The Perfect Side Hustle During A Recession
Thrift stores and value stores always thrive during a recession and your flipping side hustle can benefit too!
How Selling High Profit Items SAVES YOU TIME!
How would adding one $1,000 flip help you in your flipping gig? We chose this business model to save us time finding, cleaning, and listing.
And So Much More!
This workshop is completely FREE!
About Your Host
Hi! I'm Rob!
Are you worried you won't be prepared for a recession?
If the rising prices of everything concerns you and you want to have an extra way to make an income (and quickly), then this could be for you. 
Are you passionate about picking & thrifting?
If so, flipping/reselling could be a perfect fit for you, just like it’s been for me! I’m excited to share how you can create a profitable flipping business as a reseller, just like I did.
That’s why I’ve created this FREE workshop, along with the most comprehensive training program available for aspiring flippers called Flipper University 
I hope you can make it.
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